The 4 L’s of Love

Nature, Region, Well-being and Tradition.

Love for nature

We choose to pay close attention to recycled and recyclable materials, taking care of nature and protecting our fragile ecosystem. Together with our suppliers we are engaged in the creation of sustainable packaging solutions, with the aim of reducing the impact of our products on the environment in which we live.

Love for our Region

We love our region and we have chosen to select only the finest ingredients, coming from our land. To accomplish that, we are creating a short and sustainable supply chain, which favors local agriculture and gives value to local professional skills, from farm to table.

Love for Well-being

We care about your well-being, and that’s why we believe that food can also be tasty and healthy. We do not use preservatives, coloring agents and flavoring, our recipes are made only with fresh local ingredients to offer you genuine and easily digestible products.

Love for Tradition

We are committed on a daily basis to bring the unique flavours of our tradition on your table. Our products are made by following the original handcrafted work process, where «Forno Rovai’s» special recipes are reinterpreted by selecting healthy and innovative ingredients, keeping up in line with our customer needs.