Sugar Free Whole Wheat Rusks

Sliced Biscuits: high in fiber, light and delicious

Thick, crumbly, light as a slice, tasty like a biscuit, Alessandro Rovai’s Sugar free Whole Wheat Rusks born from our love for the careful research of the finest ingredients.

A product easy to digest, high in fiber, tasty but sugar free: a healthy choice that will satisfy your palate.

The perfect choice for your breakfast and to spice up every snack break.


«Forno Rovai’s» exclusive recipe since 1954 – Pietrasanta, Lucca

  • WHEAT flour (soft WHEAT type 0)
  • Whole WHEAT flour (flour and bran of soft wheat) 22,8%
  • BUTTER 17,1%
  • Sweetener: maltitol
  • Natural yeast (made out of WHEAT flour)
  • Whole spelt flour 6%
  • BARLEY Malt
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Rice bran oil 2,3%


NON-GMO, No preservatives, coloring agents and flavoring

To Store in a Cool and Dry Place. Packed on a production line that also handles nuts.