Rovai, Better than Ever

Genuine as simple things


“Alessandro Rovai’s, Better than Ever”, is a story that talks about simple things and a deep bond with its origins. Respect for nature, passion for tradition and love for well-being are the ingredients of innovative products, where the goodness of the traditional recipes is combined with the daily attention in the choice of food raw materials in step with the health and nutritional needs of each consumer. A unique combination of taste and wellness, in which every day we renew our commitment to bring products to your tables that are simply “Better Than Ever”.


It all began in 1954, in a bakery in Pietrasanta, a Tuscan town nestled between the Apuan Alps and the sea. Here a family of bakers cultivates an ancient art, and every day works with commitment and dedication to take good and genuine products out of the oven.

Growing up in this world of authentic flavors, Alessandro Rovai begins to cultivate the dream of bringing family’s recipe beyond the borders of his homeland. After an experience of over thirty years in the confectionery industry, Alessandro decides to get back in the game in the development and creation of innovative products, as good as those in the past days, and mindful to the generations of tomorrow. From this path, made of study, research, and love for his origins, “Rovai, Better Than Ever” is born: a dream that has come true.