Alessandro Rovai, Better than Ever

Respect for nature, passion for tradition and love for well-being are the unique ingredients of “Alessandro Rovai, Più Buono che Mai/Better than Ever” recipe: innovative products, in which we combine the goodness of our family tradition with daily attention in the selection of food raw materials in step with the health and nutritional needs of our consumers.

Puffy Pastries/Sfoglie

Small hearts of crumbly puff pastry, a delicious dessert, born from the union between the excellence of the Tuscan pastry tradition and the search for unique and innovative ingredients.

An incredibly light taste break, to try in three different versions: Sugar free Whole Wheat, Rice and Rice with Red Currant Jam.


Not the classic rusks, but real sliced ​​biscuits with the fragrance of a biscuit and all the lightness of a rusk.

Ideal for breakfast and as snacks, Rovai’s Rusks are always tasty, to tray in the double Whole-wheat Sugar Free and Rice versions.

The 4 L’s of Love

Love for Nature
Attention to the materials used:

Love for our Region
We use Tuscany short supply chain raw materials

Love for Well-being
• easily digestible products
• finest ingredients

Love for Tradition
«Antico Forno Rovai’s» recipes reinterpreted by selecting healthy and innovative ingredients

“Alessandro Rovai, Better Than Ever” means respecting our values ​​every day.


To offer good and genuine products, we are committed to creating a short supply chain, which favors food raw materials of the territory and enhances local professional skills.


We believe in an eco-sustainable development project, from farm to table, where quality means first of all attention to the environment in which we live.


To carry out our project we have selected the highest quality ingredients, chosen certified partners, enhanced the uniqueness of our territory and selected recycled and recyclable materials.

We select only local ingredients

We select only local ingredients

Our History

Our History